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Our Story

What began as a typical patient-therapist relationship quickly grew into a friendship based on a shared dedication to selfless service for others and innovation. One day, Reid and Eric began discussing how some of the equipment used for physical therapy could be more efficient. They both knew there had to be a better way to maximize productivity without sacrificing quality.

With Reid’s engineering, design, & craftsmanship combined with Eric’s expertise of physical therapy, they developed an innovative space saving product that replaced multiple pieces of equipment.  Eric and Reid designed and developed several prototypes of what eventually became the VARY BOARD.

Not only did the Vary Board improve safety and efficiency in the clinical setting, but it also allowed Eric’s clinic to grow in volume without having to acquire additional space. It became the most used, cost effective, piece of equipment in the clinic.

The more they utilized the Vary Board, Reid and Eric realized the various possibilities for this commercial grade, weather resistant product. In addition to being an optimal product for use in physical therapy clinics, the Vary Board can be used in a variety of other settings.

Our Mission Statement

Enhancing Generational Well-being and Overall Wellness.

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