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Why the Vary Board?

Sometimes providing safe, effective, high quality treatment for your patients can be challenging…vying with your colleagues for the use of equipment, having to modify existing equipment to meet the need of the patient, struggling with high maintenance equipment that doesn’t last... just to name a few.

What used to require multiple pieces of equipment, can now be accomplished with one Vary Board. Tested daily, in a real-world setting, the Vary Board has proven to be an effective & affordable solution.

Whether you are a small, private practice with limited space, or a large, multi-therapist clinic with a high volume of patients, the Vary Board will be an asset to your business. The Vary Board was designed to help improve efficiency without compromising safety & without the need to expand the clinic size, extend business hours or days of operation.

Not only will the Vary Board improve clinical operations, but it will also help improve patient compliance & outcomes. Because of its user-friendliness & affordability, your patient can purchase one to replicate their exercise at home with accuracy & ease. It provides the patient with a consistent platform to safely perform their Home Exercise Program(HEP) & maintain a healthy lifestyle even after they have completed their physical therapy.

6-in 1 Functionality

The Vary Board allows you to perform 6 different clinical functions with 1 piece of equipment.

  • Active-Assisted Range of Motion (AAROM)
  • Balance Training
  • Joint Mobilizations
  • Strengthening
  • Stretching
  • Transfer Training


The Vary Board can be used with various treatment equipment, like exercise balls, resistance bands, balance boards, pulleys, & more. This versatility makes it easy to transition between exercises to maximize your time & energy. No longer do you need to continually transition from station to station or wait for one to open up.

Cost Efficiency

By implementing the Vary Board into your business, you can significantly cut back on operation costs. Vary Boards eliminate the need to purchase or maintain multiple pieces of expensive equipment. Additionally, since Vary Boards are compact & versatile, they also reduce the need for a large clinic space. This means you can optimize your space & potentially save on rent or property costs.  

Additional Benefits

With faster exercise transitions & improved documentation efficiency, clinicians can focus more on providing quality treatment to their patients which can also help prevent healthcare burnout & improve patient outcomes.

Additionally, patient satisfaction & outcomes are also greatly enhanced using Vary Boards. The versatility of these boards allows for a wide range of exercises & treatments, tailored to each patient's specific needs. This personalized approach not only increases patient satisfaction but also leads to better results & faster recovery. And because Vary Boards are affordable, your patients can buy one for their home to maintain their progress.

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